Collectors in the Desert

Recently, Wally sent this email to his list and I share it with his permission:

The first one pictured is "Lake Powell", the second one is "Desert Structure" and the last one is "Solitude."  When we attended Tucson's Artist Open Studio years ago,  I couldn't take my eyes off of "Desert Structure."  Eventually, Eric agreed to a layaway plan that after I paid it off, Jeff hung it in our house.  Fast forward, Eric's artwork was on display at a local restaurant and we both really liked "Lake Powell" but we held off purchasing it.  Thankfully, Eric along with another artist or two had a show at a medical center in Oro Valley.  Lo and behold, we saw "Lake Powell" and it was a no-brainer.  In addition, when we spotted "Solitude," we ended up bringing that one home with us, too.  
Now here's the funny part of the story.  The Southern AZ Arts Guild (SAAG) wasn't quite set up to take our payment on opening night but we really wanted to bring them home with us.  They ran it by Eric and he told them 'absolutely yes' since he knew us and added that he could replace those pieces with other works that he had in his studio.  The following day one of the reps contacted us and we provided our credit card info.  A win-win for everyone.  As we left the facility while other folks were arriving, they stopped us and inquired about the ability to purchase the artwork and we replied that Eric and SAAG would work out the arrangements.  They were delighted to hear that.  Later on, I asked Eric about the opening reception and he said that it was a 'success' and sold several more of his paintings.
We continue to enjoy his art and abstract creativity.